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About us

About us

The Hallmark of Customer Centric Culture
Today, India has become one of the most vibrant global economies, growing on the back of a robust business sector. Its business sector is rapidly expanding, in terms of growth of existing entities and newer entities that are entering the market. Come 2020, and it is projected that India will become the fifth largest business sector globally.

Considering today’s market and the urge for the Indian business-driven economy to grow, calls for network service providers that are responsive in providing assistance services that are fulfilling in every way. It’s for these new age network service providers to create a path for the market to grow and progress along with the global business economy.

Housing all of the current requirements of the market into our company’s DNA, Solisca Advisory Private Limited was formed and incorporated in 2017 to meet the backend needs of companies/ SMEs, corporates, individuals, association of individuals and professionals throughout the state of Chennai and the Indian subcontinent at large. We take pride in ourselves in offering professional and service-backed solutions to our clients.

Solisca deals and excels at business solutions, knowledge solutions, recruitment solutions and information technology solutions with best rates, terms and costs to meet each client’s unique personal and business demands. Spearheaded by the Ahmeds, our vibrant team of experts has risen by a magnitude over the years, only to deliver a strong commitment to ensuring a seamless delivery experience for our clients.

Our 10-year experience with corporate and SMEs alike has equipped us to provision our clients with an assortment of options for their business requirements. Solisca, unlike other network partner agencies, keeps our clientele tuned in with regular updates and progress reports.

We are a networking institution that believes in nurturing relationships with our clients by providing better service and handling our clients with utmost respect, handholding them on their every step towards a financially robust future.

Our Vision
Solisca wants to enrich its values extended to its core clientele in different segments with driven technologies by becoming a provider of choice, offering exemplary services solutions and consulting practices. By 2020, SOLISCA has put forth its platform to become a leading solution advisor by enlarging its connecting channels.
Our Mission
At Solisca, our mission is to support businesses since their inception in the planning of optimal financial and the formal-legal structure and ensure the security and optimization of their daily business requirements.


Creating Compelling Customer Service Experiences
  1. Tailor-made solutions
  2. Orientation towards long term partnerships
  3. Flexibility and willingness to go the extra-mile
  4. With cost competitiveness, and timely turnarounds, Solisca is just the best choice
  5. Pick from a host of services and solutions
  6. Grab a neutral comparison amongst multitude of products
  7. Choose better with the aid of our prompt customer support team

How Do You Benefit?

Fueling Your Business Readiness
Our experienced team of experts is not only present for rendering networking services and solutions to you. They will also provide you support in understanding legalities of policies and procedures in-line.

We are interconnected with the various channels of qualified professional network under Solisca to deliver quality and assurance, customization, information security and confidentiality. Solisca follows and adheres to best practices in maintaining sanctity of transactional information and privileged inputs, received in the due course of project execution. IT enabled strict access controls coupled with employer-employee confidentiality agreements puts in place the basics of data confidentiality and ensures no breach of set norms through strict compliance measures.

Our tie ups with various smaller networks offer you the choice to pick from competitive rates and charges.

We at Solisca believe in building relationships and retaining our clients and offer end-to-end solutions to all the requirements of the client. To put it better we are omnipresent for your requests.


Kanchipuram Office

#386, Kayarambedu, Guduvancherry

Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu – 603202

+91- 9791162186

Asrar – ul – Haq (a) Ashraf

#5, Nayar Varadha Pillai Street,

Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014.



#47, AVM Colony 1st Cross Street,

Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600 092.

Grievance / Feedback

We would love to answer any questions or schedule a meeting. Please feel free to call us at one of our offices on the left or send us an email using the form below.